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Why we have a Deaconess?

Women supported the ministry of Christ providing for the physical needs of Jesus and his disciples.  There is also evidence that they supported the early church and that by the first century an office of deaconess had been established to serve the needs of the church.  Over the centuries those needs have and will continue to change.  A deaconess complements the pastor serving the needs of women, children, families, and the elderly.  A deaconess understands the theology of the cross and enters into suffering to point people to the place where God’s gifts of Word and Sacrament are given with assurance to His people.

What a deaconess brings to the circuit…


Provide support services to congregation members and the community.

  • General support – depression, grief and loss issues
  • Marriage and family support – solution-focused systems approach
  • Domestic violence/sexual assault recovery  – safety, boundaries, relationships
  • School counseling – community building activities, safety and choice issues


Guide a human care board within each congregation to serve the physical needs of the congregation members and the community.

  • Support individuals and families in crisis


Assist in developing and sustaining an active:

  • LWML group
  • Youth group
  • Senior Adult group

Assist the pastor with special needs within each congregation; brainstorming, identifying resources, and enlisting support from members of the congregation.

How does the circuit provide financial support for a called deaconess?

Authorize the collection of fees for services provided.  Establish guidelines for pro-bona services.  Deposit fees collected to a general fund established to pay for salary, housing, insurance and transportation in future years.


Request that each congregation designate an appropriate budget amount in upcoming years to be deposited to a general fund to cover short-falls for salary, housing, insurance and transportation costs.

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